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Omni Fundraiser Delivery

UPDATE: All Omni Fundraiser items will be delivered on Wednesday, December 13. Parents or students may take their items home Wednesday or pickup after school 3:00-5:00pm. A copy of your original order will be included. Customers should pay when you deliver their item. Please make checks to NPJHS or NPHS.

**All money must be turned into Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie by Monday, December 18 in order to receive prizes before Christmas Break.


Choir and Band students will be raising money to help pay for outfits, new music, and registration fees.

We hope that you will participate in this exciting opportunity to provide excellent musical experiences for North Posey students!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are orders due?

All orders should be submitted to Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie by Friday, November 17.

Q. Do we have to do the fundraiser?

The Omni fundraiser is not required to receive a good grade in Choir or Band. The Omni fundraiser is one of 3 main fundraisers the department has throughout the school year (marching band hosts additional fundraisers in summer).

If you are a Choir Parent/Family who does not wish to participate in any annual fundraising, then we ask you to consider making a contribution to the Choir to help with our expenses (JR - $150/student; HS - $200/student).

Q. When will items arrive?

All items will arrive the week of December 11-15. The teachers will know an exact date when we get closer to time. This will be communicated via social media, email, and a note home.

Q. Do we need to collect money now?

No, but you may turn in money if a customer insists on paying early. Customers are expected to pay when their item is delivered by the student.

Q. Who do customers make checks to?

If you are in the Jr. High, please make all checks to NPJHS. High School students should make all checks to NPHS.

Q. What if we are in Choir AND Band?

Students in both classes will have their profits split equally by Mr. Knight and Mr. Leslie. You do not need multiple order forms - just pick an ensemble to raise money for and we'll handle the rest!

Q. How much money do we make?

Omni provides our music program with a good profit margin of 40%. We cost-share all the prizes, so each each student can calculate about 37% profit toward their fundraising goal. Final profits will be calculated and sent to parents in December so we can stay on track.

Q. What are the prizes?

"EARLY BIRD" (most items sold by 11/10): $25 Visa gift card

"SPEEDY GONZALES" (first 12 students with 5 items sold): USB Car Adapter/Charger

10, 30, 50 items: Gummy Bears, Sour Worms, Pop Socket, or Charging Block

20, 40, 60, etc. items: $20 cash for each 20 items sold

Q. Will you accept late orders?

All orders are due by 11/17. If you forgot yours, we can send it in late on 11/21. If you have a really late order, please email Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie ASAP.

Q. Can we order online?

Students can create an online account to receive a special "student code" to share with customers who prefer to shop online. Simply go to and register as a new user. The school codes are listed below.

School Codes

Jr. High Choir: OMNPJC-IS

Jr. High Band: (coming soon!)

High School Choir: OMNP-IS

High School Band: (coming soon!)

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