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Choir & Band Christmas Concerts

This year, the Choir and Band Christmas Concerts will be separate nights. Our students are very excited to show you what they’ve learned!

At both concerts, Mr. Knight and Mr. Leslie are asking that each student bring one dozen cookies (homemade or store-bought) so we might have light refreshments after each show. The NP Performing Arts boosters will provide the punch. Please email Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie if you can bring one dozen cookies. Thank you!

Choir & Theatre Christmas Concert

Tuesday, December 12 at 6:00pm

NPHS Auditorium

  • Featuring: Jr. High Choir, HS Choir, Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Jr. High Theatre

  • Students should arrive by 5:00pm to change into their Choir dress or tux. Students must bring their own black dressy shoes.

  • Students may stay after school in the Auditorium or come back by 5pm.

  • Men’s Chorus will meet 3-4pm Tuesday after school (Women will not meet.)

Band Christmas Concert Thursday, December 14 at 6:00pm NPHS Auditorium

  • Featuring: Jr. High Band, HS Band

  • Students should arrive by 5:00pm dressed and ready for warm-up. Students may wear Christmas attire, but they are advised to spend as much time practicing as they spend decorating!

  • Students may bring clothes to change after school and stay in the Auditorium, or they may go home to change and return by 5pm.

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