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DCI Big, Loud, Live at AMC

All students are invited to Evansville Westside AMC 16 Theatre on Thursday, August 9 for the “DCI Big, Loud, Live” on the big screen! While we will have practice Tuesday night, will will NOT have marching band practice on Thursday, Aug. 9 so students can participate in this optional fun activity. The fun starts at Buffalo Wild Wings at 4:00pm for BOGO 50% bone-in Wing Night. The show at AMC starts at 5:30pm. The show usually ends around 11:00pm, but some students leave early. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased online through the AMC app, Fandango, Fathom, or at the theater (avoid fees with a Stubs membership or by buying in-person). We recommend reserving your seats early — as of this posting, almost half the seats are already gone. This is NOT a school trip, and students are not supervised by the directors or the NPPA. If students attend, they attend on their own volition and must be capable of acting like young adults in the theatre. We do have school on Friday. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from this fun annual event.

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