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Musical Schedule Updated

Version 3.0 of the Musical Schedule is now posted on our Theatre page! A summary of edits is available at the bottom of the schedule in each version. The pre-highlighted rehearsals represent "ALL-CALLS" for the entire cast. Please check the "Cast Called" column to see if your character is called for any additional rehearsals -- students are encouraged to highlight their own schedule (using the same color system) to keep track of when they are called.

Yellow = Moving off-book (know your lines, use your script for blocking)

Orange = OFF-Book (don't even have your script on-stage, call for lines if needed)

Red = Show week/Dress Rehearsals (the show must go on!)

Planning the schedule takes a lot of time and finesse, so please do your absolute best to work around any conflicts and attend rehearsals. As always, contact Mr. Knight via email if you have any concerns. Thank you for your patience and hard work!

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