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All-State Jr. Honor Choir

North Posey Jr. High Choir students have been invited to audition for the 2018 All-State Jr. Honor Choir! Students received an information packet with all the details. The permission slip is due by Friday, Sept. 29 if you would like to audition - this is 100% optional and NOT required.

WHAT IS ALL-STATE CHOIR? The Indiana All-State Jr. Honor Choir is an extremely prestigious event for Jr. High musicians in Indiana. All-State Jr. Honor Choir participation looks extremely good on your resume. Students can record their audition in-class or after school with Mr. Knight in early October. If your audition is accepted, then you can go on an overnight trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana on Jan. 11-12. All students are welcome to record auditions, but I can only submit a maximum of eight (8) per IMEA rules. I will make a final selection based on audition quality, interest, age, and vocal/personal maturity. IS MY CHILD GOING TO BE PREPARED? All-State Choir is designed for students who excel in choral music. We will practice the audition music in class, but students have to practice the music on their own with the online recordings. The students have already been working on many of the exercises, such as “sight-reading” and singing on solfege syllables. Students may practice with me after school with your permission – please contact me to arrange after school practice. I will record all auditions at school the week of Oct. 2nd. All entries must be submitted by Oct. 11. If your child is accepted, I offer free individual lessons to prepare the music.

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? As an educator, I truly believe this experience is worth the cost, but I understand families must make difficult financial decisions. The 2018 audition is FREE because I am paying for all audition fees with our Choir fund. If you are accepted, the registration fee is $175 due by December 1. The Choir can pay some of this cost depending on how many students are accepted (we will determine this amount as soon as results are posted in late November.) Partial state scholarships are available for students based on financial need. The fee covers all food, lodging, and music for each student. I am working on securing transportation money. Please contact me if you have any concerns.


We might need chaperones for this trip if multiple students are accepted. IMEA actually regulates all the chaperones for All-State, not MSD North Posey, and there is a separate process for being approved. If you are interested in chaperoning or driving kids to Ft. Wayne in January, please contact Mr. Knight. IMEA requires the students to stay in rooms of 3-4 kids. Last year, they did not allow students to stay with their parents, and I don’t anticipate that rule changing. Usually, parents are responsible for their own accommodations in Ft. Wayne.

I hope you are able to participate! Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

Mr. Knight

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