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Updates From Camp

We've had such a great start to band camp! Here are a few reminders and updates for students & parents: 

1) Drink plenty of water before, during, and after rehearsal.

2) Get 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

3) Eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch (see below...)

4) Apply sunscreen every hour.

5) Tell your parents about the Friday Family Showcase

6) Bring a positive attitude and have FUN!



April Perry was kind enough to donate breakfast foods for the kids (eggs, toast, hash browns, fruit). We'll have breakfast ready at 7:30am all week if you need something to eat before practice. Thank you to our Kid Care parents for your help! Please remember to bring your own lunch because NPPA will not be providing lunches. If you need help with meals, please talk with one of the directors or Kid Care parents.


Skit night is a fun activity for the kids to bond and make positive memories at camp! Thursday night at 6:30pm, we will have a pizza party (bring a drink) and watch student-created skits in the Auditorium. Students have been separated into three groups to create a skit of their choice (e.g. recreate a fun moment of camp, friendly impersonations, etc.) 2-3 seniors have been asked to facilitate discussion among group members and coordinate skits for the show. PLEASE MEET AT LEAST 15 MIN. DURING LUNCH. Other skits are welcome as long as they are approved by Mr. Leslie (talk to him or email about ideas).


Students gave their feedback to the directors, and a 2017 show shirt design has been selected! Our logo reflects the modern, clean design of the music and visual effects within this year's show. All students will receive a free show shirt as part of their uniform. Mr. Knight will soon be confirming student shirt sizes and spelling of names for the back of this shirt. The shirt color has been changed to white to prevent dark shirts from showing through our new uniforms. Other items remain unchanged (e.g. black sweatshirts.)

**NEW -- Students and family members can purchase extra show shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, NPPA polos, and section shirts on a single merchandise form this year. Orders are due w/ money no later than Friday, August 11 to the black box or Mr. Knight. We accept cash, credit, or check made to NPPA.


Parents are invited to our Friday Family Showcase on Friday, August 28 at 11:30pm on the practice football field. Students will spend the last 30 minutes of practice demonstrating all the music and drill they've learned at camp. We would love to see you there! Students will have a short activity at 12:00 and be ready to go around 12:15....students may get a little wet, so you may want a towel or extra shirt for them if you want to ride home dry! After lunch, there's an option pool party at Cassie's grandparents' house (see below.) 


Our drum major, Cassie, will be hosting an optional pool party at her grandparents' house for all band students on Friday at 2:00pm. Girls are asked to bring drinks and boys asked to bring chips. This is chaperoned by Cassie's grandparents, not the directors or school staff. If you have any questions, please talk with Cassie or Mr. Leslie/Mr. Knight. For privacy, her address is posted on the band whiteboard, not here on the web.


Congratulations to the recipients of the Spirit Stick, Julianne (Monday), Natalie (Tuesday), Megan (Wednesday), and Evan (Friday.) The Spirit Stick is awarded to an outstanding rookie member who demonstrates leadership, professionalism, and positivity throughout the day. We look forward to rewarding other deserving rookies throughout the week! Other students: please be respectful of the stick and do not "steal" it. If left somewhere, talk to Mr. Leslie or Mr. Knight.

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