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Spring Musical Cast

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

And now, the announcement you've been waiting for....the 2019 Cast List! Congratulations to everyone who auditioned. If you auditioned, you are in the show!! Remember that assignments are made based on many factors like age, ability, character, time, etc.

IF YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANTED -- Be a leader! Be gracious and encouraging to others.

IF YOU DID NOT GET WHAT YOU WANTED -- Be thankful! Put your heart & soul into the role you got and have a great time!

IF YOU SEE YOUR NAME MORE THAN ONCE -- Be ready! You have been double-casted...we'll have to see if it can work out. I think it can!

IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR NAME ANYWHERE -- Be concerned and email Mr. Knight. Everyone who auditioned should be on the list, but I might have accidentally left someone off. I'm human!!

First Cast Meeting is Thursday, January 10 from 3:15-4:30pm in the Auditorium. Bring your phones and Chromebooks. We also need some Jr. High students to work concessions from 4:30-8pm.

Seems like I'm forgetting something. Oh yeah...THE CAST LIST :-)

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