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Spring Musical Auditions

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

CALLING ALL SINGERS AND ACTORS! Auditions for the 2019 NPHS Musical, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, are coming in January!

AUDITIONS: Thursday-Monday, Jan. 3, 4, & 7

SHOWS: Friday-Saturday, March 15-16

All HIGH SCHOOL Choir students are required to participate in the show. Participation is optional for Jr. High students. This is a high school feature, but there are roles for mature younger students too! (Note: High School Choir students who do not participate in the musical may fail the grading period or be administratively removed from the class.)

All auditioners must select ONE song and ONE monologue for your gender from the audition packet. Please choose only from the audition packet. Your selections must be memorized — you should only hold the paper to glance. Audition Recordings can be found on our website. Please only use our online recordings to practice since several YouTube & Spotify examples are in different keys.

  • Synopsis

  • Character List

  • Audition Monologues

  • Audition Songs

  • Production Contract (DUE at audition)

  • Student Info Form (DUE at audition)

  • Parent Volunteer Form (optional)


Want to get a head-start in reading the script? See THIS LINK to get a digital copy of the script. High School students are strongly encouraged to read the script over Christmas Break so you know the storyline! Note: There are some choice words and phrases that will be removed or reworded for the actual production. Beware, but don’t freak!


Top 10 Reasons Students Are Afraid of Musicals

1. Musicals are embarrassing! I don’t want people to think I’m weird or make fun of me.

  • Acting will require you to expand your worldview. Yeah, the audience is going to look at you, but no one is going to pay $10 just to come make fun of you. Your audience is there to support you! If people think you’re weird, that’s their problem. Besides...if working hard and having fun is weird, COUNT ME IN!

2. I don’t have enough time to dedicate to a musical.

  • You probably have more time than you think. There are large roles and small roles for a wide variety of talent. Getting your schedule organized is the biggest hurdle, but the master calendar is provided at the first Cast meeting. If you need help getting organized, please ask!! Google Calendar is a wonderful tool. Mr. Knight will build the calendar around the schedules of the lead characters to avoid as many issues as possible.

3. I don’t have a ride for rehearsals.

  • Have you actually asked anyone for a ride? Carpooling is a thing! There are several parents and upperclassmen who would be willing to help drive. All rehearsal dates and times are provided WAY aim advance to help everyone plan.

4. Doing a musical sounds like it will be hard work.

  • Yes, there will be hard work, but there are great rewards! North Posey has has several excellent shows in the past few years. We have excellent productions because our cast is full of bright, talented, and dedicated students. Being in a musical will require focus and hard work. It’s also extremely rewarding to be on-stage and perform for your family and friends!!

5. I can’t afford to be in a musical.

  • Participation is free! The only financial responsibility is your costume and clothing/makeup items. Several students choose to rent their costume for around $40-50 each or make their own outfits for free using pieces from personal closets and our theatre wardrobe. We will have fundraising opportunities available to help with costume costs.

6. I can't sing! 😢

  • You're probably a better singer than you think, but stage fright is completely normal. Most students can overcome this fear through individual training with Mr. Knight or another private voice teacher. If you'd prefer I'd to having a singing role, you can clarify this with the director during your audition. However, all students must sing one of the audition songs so we can gauge potential.

7. No seriously, I really don't want to sing in my audition. The songs don't fit my voice.

  • Don't worry! The songs are challenging for a reason...we want to see what you can do! We won't let you flounder in the audition, so we'll help you if you stumble or forget. There may even be notes you can't quite reach. It's ok! The only people in the room will be Mr. Knight and maybe Mrs. Welch and/or Mrs. Hartig. All students will need to sing one of the selected songs.

8. I can’t dance either!

  • Most students come with little to no dance experience, so there is no dance component to the audition. No one expects you to belly dance or pop-lock-and-drop-it by yourself on the stage. Most of the dance numbers in this show will occur with a large group of actors. There are songs with simple and complex choreography for students with different levels of experience. If you think you can handle the advanced stuff, please write this on your audition sheet!

9. I don’t like this show. Why can’t we do “Les Miserables,“ “Wicked” or something Disney?

  • The show selection process is a very tricky balance of financial commitment, copyright availability, musical difficulty, casting options, educational relevance, and theatrical tools available. For instance, Les Miserables is way too large and vocally advanced (Hey - go audition for EVSC summer musical when they do it!) Wicked isn’t even available for copyright procurement, and Disney shows are super commercialized productions that often require advanced theatrics we can’t access (e.g. Mary Poppins has to FLY.) There are easier “Junior” and “TYA” shows designed for Jr. High and beginning high school groups, but NPHS will not be doing these show when we are capable of doing a full production. This show is a funny, classic Loesser show and Pulitzer Prize-winning book!

10. Doing a musical seems boring...I don’t know if I would stay interested.

  • MuSiCaLs ArE bOrInG LiKe WhY WoUlD ne1 SiNg AnD TaLk AbOuT tHeIr LiFe oK iM BoReD gOnNa gO LiStEn 2 ArIaNa GrAnDe oN sPoTiFy AnD eAt ChEeZiTz oN mY cOuCh WhILe I sNaPcHaT PiCs oF mY tOeNaILs.

But seriously, though...being part of a musical cast is a lot of fun if you “let go” and engage your character! If you challenge yourself to make a commitment and follow-through, you won’t be disappointed!

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