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Sept. 9 Competition @ Evansville Central

Our first competition is this Saturday, September 9th at Evansville Central.  Please read all details and let Mr. Leslie or Mr. Knight know if you have any questions.


9:30a - Rehearsal @ NPHS

12:30 - Finish Rehearsal 

12:30-1:45 - Load Trailers

1:45-2:15 - Brunch (see below)

2:30 - Depart for Evansville Central

3:00 - Arrive and Unload

4:00 - In Uniform departing for warm-up

4:24-4:48 - Warm-up

5:00 - Perform

DINNER - Sandwiches

7:30 - Class A and AA Awards

8:00 - Return to North Posey High School

8:20 - Arrive at North Posey High School


Our morning rehearsal is mandatory. Students are advised to wear a different set of clothes that can get a little dirty in the morning. Wearing show shirts is OK but not advised. Students MUST bring long black socks, show shirt, and proper undergarments to wear during the performance. Students can bring other pants such as jeans for after the performance but MUST wear our show shirt/hoodie (no section shirts - these will arrive before FoD.)


All students must ride the school bus TO and FROM the competition unless we have a signed permission slip from a parent/guardian stating that your child will be riding home with you or another individual. Please give permission slips to Cassie Folz (Drum Major) or email Mr. Leslie/Mr. Knight.  The Permission slip was attached to the schedule given to all students at rehearsal.


Several parents have volunteered to bring Brunch items for he kids to eat after they load the trailers. After our evening performance, parents are also providing sandwiches. If you do NOT want to eat these items, please thank the parents and plan to bring a lunch and/or money for the concession stand at dinner. If you can make a contribution to help cover the cost of the meals or bring an item, please speak with Kori or Donnarae. NEW - The NPPA has just created a special fund for donations to help cover the cost of meals at competitions. Every little bit helps!

Brunch - Breakfast Casseroles

Hash Browns - April P.

Induction Stove, spices, jelly - Mr. Knight

Biscuits - Donnarae W.

Eggs - Kelly H. (for French toast)

Bread/butter - Kori S.

Syrup, Plates, & Utensils - Lorie H.

Breakfast casseroles - Kelly H. & Donnarae W.

Drinks - Kori S.

Dinner - Sandwiches

Bread - Amy K.

Meat, Cheese, Drinks - Kori S.

Chips - Lorie H. 

Cookies - Mr. Knight


New band buck contracts were sent home after rehearsal on Thursday, September 7. Parents must personally sign the contract and pick up Band Bucks from Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie unless the student is 18 (IN state law). No Band Bucks will be given directly to students. These will be available for pickup at our rehearsal Saturday. There are 35 $10 tickets in each student's bundle for a total of $350. If you wish to pay the band fee upfront and enter your name on all the tickets, please write your name on all tickets and return them to a Director, Donnarae, or the black box.

All band bucks must be returned (sold stubs & unsold tickets) by Wednesday, November 1st. Kelly H. and Amy K. will be coordinating weekend sale dates very soon. No band bucks will be given to students with outstanding band fees from previous school years. Contact a Director for additional Band Bucks. 


All student and business ads for Field of Dreams must be sent to Mr. Knight or by September 7. Senior ads are $25 for a FULL page -- all other students can have a half-page ad for $25. The ads are in black & white. Many parents use these ads to congratulate their student on a successful marching band career!

The address for Evansville Central is 5400 N 1st Ave, Evansville, IN 47710. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Leslie or Mr. Knight. Thank you!

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