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Otters Tickets Now Available!

Otters tickets were distributed in Band and Choir classes on May 9. Students need to return the money to Mr. Knight, Mr. Leslie, or the "black box" in the HS music room no later than Thursday, May 17. All tickets are $5 for general admission.

If you have a late order or need additional tickets, please contact Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie. We have to order in bulk, so we can only make another order if we have another 100 ticket requests. There are several students who may have extra tickets to sell or swap.

Don't forget that all Choir, Band, and Theatre students are invited to the Evansville Otters game on Saturday, June 16. If we have enough students going, we will sing the National Anthem, watch the game, and enjoy fireworks at the end! Students and parents are responsible for their own tickets to this optional event.

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