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Nunsense at New Harmony Theatre

Looking for a fun, family-friendly show this summer? The original Nunsense, the second longest running off-Broadway show in history with book, music and lyrics by Dan Goggin, will be right down the road at the New Harmony Theatre!

JULY 13 - JULY 22

418 Tavern St. New Harmony, IN 47631

SHOWTIMES: Thursdays & Fridays @ 7:30pm;

Saturdays & Sundays @ 2:00pm and 7:30pm

TICKETS: Adult - $24-$35, Under 25 - $12

**Special Rates for Seniors, USI Students, and groups of 10+

Call (812) 465-1635 for special rates

The NPPA is not coordinating a trip on a specific day or providing transportation, but we want to encourage you to attend if you are able. One of the best ways to support the arts in the community is by purchasing a ticket. Some NP students may want to get together in small groups, which is great!


Audiences can't get enough of these five wacky Little Sisters of Hoboken, using their talents to raise a bit of the cash necessary to hold funerals for those in their order who have succumbed to eating some bad vichyssoise. Don't let the note of tragedy fool you. This musical is a hoot and a half! The Mother Superior is an ex-circus performer who craves the spotlight, and her little company of performers could not be more ridiculous as they sing and dance in habits while steering a careful course between the irreverent and the madcap. Audiences love these crazy characters, such as Sister Mary Leo, who wishes to become the world's first ballerina nun, and Sister Mary Amnesia, who lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head.

Nunsense has spawned several sequels, but Dan Goggins' original is still going strong on stages all over the world. What's that? You don't think nuns can be funny? Let New Harmony Theatre make believers of you!

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