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Men & Women's Choruses

All North Posey Jr. and Sr. High students are invited to be part of the Men or Women's Chorus! Women meet after school on Tuesday's from 3:15-4:30pm in the Choir Room. Men meet after school on Thursday's from 3:15-4:30pm. Participation is open to ANY student, and we especially want Band students who stay after school for Tues./Thurs. rehearsals.

High School Choir students are required to participate in Solo & Ensemble this year to have the chance of earning an "A" (optional for all Band and Jr. High Choir students). Joining Men's or Women's Chorus will fulfill that requirement if you would prefer not to sing a solo.

Our first performance will be at the Fall Concert on Monday, Oct. 23. The cost of participation is included in the HS Choir fundraising package. If you are a band student, Jr. High Choir student, or HS Choir student doing both a solo AND ensemble, we ask that you contribute $10 before Thanksgiving break to cover the cost of ISSMA registration, music, and accompanist fees. District Solo & Ensemble is January 27, 2018 at North HS in Evansville.

If you have any conflicts or questions, please contact Mr. Knight. Many students have transportation issues or extracurricular conflicts. Let's talk about a game plan - please don't drop Choir because you're scared of conflicts! We will make a special "game plan" for you or find an alternative assignment.

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