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Men's Chorus at UE

The Men's Chorus will be taking a field trip on Thursday, September 20th to the University of Evansville for a Men's Chorus Workshop on singing. Over 200 guys from across Southern Indiana will be in attendance, and registration is free! You would only need meal money for lunch.

Permission slip for the event is due by Thursday, Sept 13.


8:00am - Meet in Choir/Band Room w/ music & pencil;

8:15am - Depart NPHS for Evansville

8:45am - Register at UE

9:15am - Workshop Begins

12:15pm - Depart UE

12:30pm - Lunch

2:30pm - Arrive back at NPHS

What should I bring?

- Bring your pencil, Choir binder with music, and lunch money. You have three pieces we will sing! You may bring a cell phone but it must be turned off during the workshop.

What's the dress code? - Please wear school-appropriate clothing. You don't have to dress-up, but look presentable! I've seen professors offer scholarships to students ON THE SPOT at these kind of festivals -- no lie! Do you really want to consider a financial offer while wearing your two-week old pajamas or a shirt that literally says, "Go Away, I'm Grumpy?"

Do we need lunch money? - YES lunch is not included this year. We will go out to eat after the event. Please bring a sack lunch or meal money. We'll decide where we're going once we're on the bus.

Does our music have to be memorized?

- No, but you should practice all the songs before the trip. Mr. Knight will be teaching parts during Men's Chorus on Thursdays from 3:15-4:30pm. We will also have a practice session when we arrive at U of E. Word to the wise: find a recording on YouTube and sing along.

Is this an excused absence? - Yes, this absence will be excused. You are responsible for making up any classwork missed. For high school students, this trip will NOT count against your absences for final exam exemption. You must have citizenship and all grades "C" or better or you will not be allowed to attend.

Are we going back to class when we return?

- Yes, we arrive sometime during 6th period. We will NOT have Men's Chorus school Thursday, but band will still have rehearsal from 5-8pm.

Will I still be able to ride the bus to/from school?

- Yes, you should have no problem with riding the bus

Are we still having Men's Chorus after school?

- No, we will NOT have Men's Chorus rehearsal after school. Band rehearsal is the same from 5-8pm.

What if I am sick or I can't go?

- Please contact Mr. Knight. This trip is not a graded event, but every male singer should attend unless there is a major issue with classes or discipline. Parent permission form is required (Jr. High Form; Sr. High Form).

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