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Let's Kick-Off the School Year!

Welcome back to school! While we only have practice on Tuesday and classes on Thursday and Friday this week, there are many opportunities to pitch-in and help kick-off a successful season!


Merchandise forms are due by Friday, August 11th. Students and parents can purchase extra show shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, NPPA polos, and section shirts on a single form this year. All students will receive a free white show shirt as part of their uniform. Please submit your order with payment to the black box in the band room or directly to Mr. Knight. We accept cash, credit, or check made to NPPA.


Parents - we need your help! The NPPA is extremely fortunate to run concessions for all high school football games - JV and Varsity. This is a huge money-maker, but we need your help to make it happen. We have many expectations of our kids, but concessions is one area we expect parents to step-up. If we don't have volunteers, we will start assigning parents who haven't signed up. Please click here to sign-up or contact Jill Bruce if you have any questions. We appreciate your sacrifice and dedication! We're counting on you - let's do this!


We will NOT have marching band practice on Thursday, Aug. 10 (first day of classes). Instead, students are invited to eat at the West Side Buffalo Wild Wings at 4pm ($.65 wing night!) and see the "Big, Loud, & Live" DCI Championship Prelims at AMC 10 Theatre starting at 5:30pm. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased online through, Fandango, etc. Buying at the door may be possible, but we recommend reserving your seats early! Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from this fun annual event. Both directors will be present.


The band will NOT be playing at the first football game on Friday, August 11th. Attendance is completely optional, so students will be normal student patrons if they attend. NPPA, however, WILL be serving concessions, and we encourage students to sign up for the concessions stand if we don't have enough parents to volunteer. Our first performance will be Friday, Aug. 18th. Students should wear a black t-shirt and shorts of any kind.


The NPPA usually feeds the students after their half-time performances at varsity football games. Most kids do not have time to ride home, eat, and get back on time. Most kids stay after school to practice, work on homework, etc. We do not want the kids to go hungry without dinner.

We are asking for parent volunteers to prepare & serve kid meals (e.g. Chili, pizza, spaghetti, etc.) for the 30-35 kids and directors. If we do not get anyone to volunteer, the kids will need to bring money to purchase their own food from the concession stand. Please contact Jill Bruce or Kori Stroud if you can help with this important task! Please see our Band Calendar for the dates of varsity football games.


The FOD Invitational will be held on Saturday, September 16th. This is a required event for all students, and we need all parents on-deck to have a successful event. We are desperate for advertisements in the program book. There is a list of current and former business ads that you can see on the Band web page. You can also download the 2017 FOD ad form.

Ad space can also be purchased by parents at a special discount rate! For just $25, senior parents can purchase a full page ad to recognize and support their child. All other student ads will be $25 for a half page. Hurry!! All ads are due by September 1st!

*NEW* - This year we are selling trophy sponsorships. For just $50 or $75, businesses can sponsor a trophy. We will put their name on a list of trophy sponsors in the program and our website, and their business will be announced as a sponsor when the winning bands are announced during the awards ceremony. Business owners are welcome to make a special appearance to present the trophy if they wish!


Band Bucks have been ordered, and we are awaiting their arrival from the printing company. They will be distributed as soon as we receive them. The NPPA apologizes for the delay - the due date of Sept. 1 will surely be modified to allow more time. Keep your eyes peeled for special sale dates at local businesses...we'll be announcing those when Band Bucks are distributed.

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