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Jr. High ISSMA Organizational

The Jr. High Band and Choir will perform at the Jr. High ISSMA Organizational at North Jr. High School in Evansville. The Jr. High band performs Friday night, March 16. The Jr. High Choir performs Saturday afternoon, March 17. Neither group will stop for food, so students should eat before or after their performance.

These events are required as part of our classes, so students must attend. We will provide bus transportation for students who need it. Parents are encouraged to attend! Please return the permission slip sent home with your child by Wednesday, March 14 - you may drive your child to & from the event.

BAND SCHEDULE - Friday, March 16 (Band info packet)

4:50pm - Depart NPJHS parking lot

5:20pm - Arrive Evansville North Junior High School

6:25pm - Performance in Evansville North Auditorium

6:50pm - Finish Performance

7:20pm - Depart back to NPJHS

7:50pm - Arrive NPJHS


Dress for concert should be concert black. A white shirt is acceptable however there should not be any writing or other colors on it. Gentlemen may wear black coats and ties if they prefer but it is not required. Ladies may wear skirts so long as they meet school guidelines. Please keep in mind we will be on a stage with the audience at or below our level. Shoes should heel height of 2 in. or less. NO BLUE JEANS!!

CHOIR SCHEDULE - Saturday, March 17 (Choir info packet)

12:15pm – Load mini-bus at NPJHS parking lot (arrive in choir dress/tux)

12:30pm – Mini-bus leaves NPJHS

1:00pm – Arrive at Evansville North Jr. High School (Homeroom: G148)

1:50pm – Jr. High Warmup (Warmup Room: F108)

2:15pm – Jr. High Performance in Auditorium

3:00pm – Load bus and depart

3:30pm – Return to NPJHS parking lot


Ladies – Black choir dresses, black flats, minimal jewelry, hair pulled back, NO scarves

Gentlemen – Black pants/shoes/socks, white dress shirt, vest, RED bow tie

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