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Instrumental Solo & Ensemble

The ISSMA District Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Festival will be Saturday, February 3 at AIS Diamond in Evansville, IN. It is your responsibility to know your music and review the information letter. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification. We are incredibly proud of your accomplishments and want you to be successful!


You are responsible for your own transportation to AIS Diamond in Evansville. The address is 2319 Stringtown Rd, Evansville, IN 47711. You should plan to arrive 45-60 minutes before your scheduled performance time to allow for traffic, warm-up, and locating the room. Parking will be limited, so please use the Northeast and South parking lots – avoid parking at the bank! Entryway doors 1, 6, 11, 31, 32, 33 will be open for this event (see AIS Diamond map).


Each performer must have an original copy of their music with all measures numbered. Mr. Leslie will hold on to all originals after the event has concluded.


Please be outside your performance room 15 minutes prior to your performance early to check-in with the Room Supervisor. If your accompanist has not arrived, kindly tell the Room Supervisor that you are waiting for your accompanist. Similarly, be ready to perform early if your accompanist and the judge are ready.


You should plan to have at least 15 minutes to thoroughly warm-up and tune before your performance. Remember your breathing exercises, etudes, scales, long tones, etc. (our normal warmup routine from class.) You will be sharing your warm-up room with others – do not be afraid to make sounds in front of them!


Soloists should wear business formal attire of their choice. Remember that your clothes must be more than school-appropriate; they must be performance-appropriate and professional. Shoulders, chest, and legs should be covered (to the knee). Gentlemen should wear a dress shirt or polo, slacks, and dress shoes. Jewelry should be limited and conservative, and your hair should be pulled out of the face.


If you want concessions, EVSC will have some items available for lunch and snacking. You must bring your own money if you wish to buy anything (estimate $10.)


It is very important that you do not interrupt a performance once it has begun. There will be room monitors who will prevent anyone from entering the room after a student begins their performance. Usually, the only people in the room are the judge, the judge’s assistant, your teacher, and parents/friends who you invite. Remember to turn off your cell phone!


5-10 minutes after you perform, you will receive a voucher card indicating your rating of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Participation. That voucher card should be presented to the Medal Table before you leave to receive the appropriate award. Your judge’s comments will not be available until we return to school the following week.


Group 1 soloists/ensembles who achieve a Gold rating will advance to state on Saturday, February 24 at Perry Meridian HS in Indianapolis. Mr. Leslie will pay the initial deposit but advancing students will need to pay $15/solo and $7/ensemble to the school by Feb. 23. More info on State later…

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