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HS Choir ISSMA Organizational

The High School Choir will perform at the Sr. High ISSMA Organizational Contest at Castle High School on Saturday, April 22. Afterwards, we will return to NPHS for musical all-cast rehearsal from 4-7pm.

These events are required as part of our classes, so students must attend. Due to budget constraints, students are responsible for their own transportation. Please let Mr. Knight know if you have trouble finding a ride - most students usually drive themselves.

On your own - eat lunch

12:45pm - Report to Castle High School cafeteria in Concert Black 1:00pm - Regroup and Review material; Physical Warmup 1:30pm - Vocal Warm-up 1:56pm - Performance in Auditorium 2:19pm - Sight-Reading 2:40pm - Return to cafeteria; take picture; wait for scores 3:00pm - Dismiss from Castle 4:00pm - All-Call Musical Rehearsal (Act II) 7:00pm - Dismiss


Please take your Choir Dress or Tux home on Thursday 4/20 or Friday 4/21. The high school will NOT be open on Saturday to retrieve any outfits.

Ladies – Black choir dresses, black flats, minimal jewelry, hair pulled back, NO scarves

Gentlemen – Black pants/shoes/socks, white dress shirt, vest, black bow tie

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