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HS Advanced Singers' Retreat at Ball State

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Advanced High School students are welcome to sign up for the Advanced Singers' Retreat at Ball State on January 11-12 in Muncie, IN. "Advanced" simply means you are interested in working on additional music and traveling with us to Muncie! I would like to take as many as we can fit who are willing to work hard!

We will leave after school on Friday, January 11 and drive to Muncie. On Saturday, Dr. Andrew Crow, Dr. Kerry Glann, and Mrs. Amy Hughley from the Indianapolis Children’s Chorus will lead an invigorating day of musical camaraderie at Ball State University. Mature high school musicians will work on performance and musical skills while singing alongside Ball State choral students. No memorization or preparation necessary, and you will receive your music when you arrive. Attire is casual for the entire experience.

COST = $40 due by Friday Jan. 4 (includes music, hotel, and transportation)

If you are interested in participating in this event, please let Mr. Knight know by Wednesday, December 12. The $40 fee and a permission slip will be due in January. You will need meal money for two dinners and one lunch.

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