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High School Quad-State at MSU

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

High School Choir students are invited to audition for the 2018 Quad-State Honor Choir at Murray State University on November 4-5. The audition is FREE but must be recorded with Mr. Knight no later than Friday, Sept. 21st. Students who are accepted into the ensemble will owe $60 by Oct. 31.

Please sign-up for a lesson time or email Mr. Knight to schedule time to practice/record. Links to the practice tracks are available HERE on our website. After we know who is accepted, we will have optional group rehearsals in October to prepare for the event.


High School Quad-State Honor Choir

Murray State University

November 4-5, 2018

Sunday, November 4

12:30pm – Depart NPHS (student parking lot)

3:30pm – Arrive at Best Western Hotel to check-in

4:30pm – Dinner in Murray

6:00pm – Register at Lovett Auditorium

6:30pm – Music Career Discussion w/ MSU Faculty

7:30pm – Rehearsal #1

9:00pm – Depart MSU for Walmart

9:15pm – Walmart Trip

9:45pm – Depart Walmart for Hotel

10:30pm – Room Check

11:00pm – Lights Out

Monday, November 5

6:30am – Wake-up & Breakfast

8:00am – Check-out of hotel

8:30am – Sectional Warmups

Soprano: 316 (PAH) Alto: Lovett Auditorium

Tenor: 314 (Choir Room) Bass: Farrell Recital Hall

9:00am – Rehearsal #2

10:15 – Break

10:30am – Rehearsal #3

11:45am – Lunch

1:15pm – Rehearsal #4

2:15pm – Break

2:30pm – Concert by MSU Concert Choir

3:00pm – Final Rehearsal (with orchestra and soloists)

4:00pm – Dinner & Change

6:15pm – Choir in seats, ready to sing

7:30pm – Depart Murray State University & fill gas tank

11:00pm – Arrive back at NPHS


Students should remember to bring the following items:

- Phone AND charger (this must be turned OFF during rehearsals/concert)

- Blue music book (Schubert Mass in G) with measures numbered

- Pencils w/ erasers

- Dress casual clothes and Coat (ADVICE: wear layers; MSU has weird temp)

- Overnight items/pajamas/toiletries

- Meal Money (about $40 total -- 1 lunch & 2 dinners)

- Black Dress Shoes/Flats

- Tuxedo parts or Choir Dress (Mr. Knight will have these at school Sunday; boys who own their own tux parts need to bring them!)


- We are staying at the Best Western in Murray, KY.

- There should be a microwave, mini-fridge, and coffee maker in each room.

- They do NOT have an indoor pool.

- There WILL be breakfast in the lobby Monday morning :-)

- There will be one boys' room and one girls' room.

- Students are not allowed in a room of the opposite gender at ANY TIME.

- Students are not allowed to have kids from another school in their room, be in the room of another school, or leave the property.

- Mrs. Sharon Bechtel and Mr. Ryan Knight will be chaperones.

- See the Choir Handbook for definitions of "room check," "lights out," and "check out."

- Students won't have much "hangout" time. The hour-long gap Sunday night is designed to provide students with time to wind-down with roommates, shower/clean, and look over their music.

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