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Hagemann Scholarship

Phil Hagemann, a composer-conductor who is a native of Mt. Vernon, IN and is now a resident of New York City, has announced the 36th annual Hagemann Award for Musical Performance, a scholarship competition for high school music students in Posey County, Indiana.

GRAND PRIZE: $700 cash and a $2000 Alexander Scholarship for the first year of post-high school education (do not have to major in music).



Any current senior or junior attending a high school in Posey County who is a performer in any of the following areas: voice, piano, organ, guitar, or any band or orchestra instrument. Students must pick one instrument to audition (i.e. you cannot submit an audition for voice and another instrument. Choose your strongest instrument.)


The application form and CD recording of about five minutes of music must be postmarked by Friday, March 9. Applications and recording times are available from Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie - please see us in person or email us.

Initial Audition

The initial audition recording must be postmarked by March 9. The recordings will be audited by Mr. Hagemann and musical colleagues of his in New York. TEN Semi-Finalists will be chosen and announced before the end of March.


The Semi-Final competition will be held in April at a time and place to be announced, which will be the only date the ten semi-finalists can compete. Regrettably, if a semi-finalist cannot compete at the designated time because of illness or any other reason, he/she will be eliminated and replaced. For the Semi-Finals, each student must perform TWO pieces of music of about five minutes each. These may be complete pieces or movements/divisions of a larger work. One of these must be the same as the initial audition piece. Also, one piece must have been written in the last fifty years; the other piece must be from an earlier period. A student may not reuse music from a previous year of competition in the Hagemann Scholarship. The student will bring two copies of each piece to the competition. Judges will be made up of 5-10 Posey County or nearby musicians and music teachers.


The four finalists will perform in a public concert in the summer of 2018 (date TBA). Students who are unavailable to perform at the announced time and place will be eliminated and replaced. Each student must play a program of about 15-20 minutes of music, including at least one piece written in the last fifty years and at least one from an earlier period. The judges will select the 1st Place Winner, and no other rankings will be announced. The winner will receive $700 cash and a $2000 Alexander Scholarship - students cannot receive the scholarship more than once, but they can win and receive $700 cash prize on multiple occasions.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact Mr. Knight or Mr. Leslie. We have audition applications in our offices. We are also willing to schedule an appointment with any student who wishes to record with us. We MUST receive your application and recording by 9:00am on Friday, March 9 or you will have to submit your application and recording independently and pay all postage yourself.

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