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Field of Dreams

The day is finally here! This is a brief reminder that students should be ready at 10:30am Saturday. Students will get more information about their job after they arrive.

Parents, please check in with Kelly Heineman at 1pm if you are working FOD. She will be around the concession stand. Early help is appreciated as we will be there much earlier in the morning! Please bring all "Viking Chill-Out" and Hospitality Room food between 1-3pm (earlier is usually better.) Ann Talley will be coordinating the Viking Chill-Out room, and Sarah Ashburn is coordinating the Hospitality room. 

The first competing band will perform at 5:00pm, but bands will likely arrive as early as 2-3pm. Our Marching Vikings perform in exhibition at 7:00pm. Please contact an officer if you have any questions. We are going to have a great day! Thank you for all you do!! 


10:30a - Rehearsal on main field

2:00 - Lunch

3:00 - Report to job locations

6:10 - In uniform ready for warm-up

6:56 - Performance

7:20 - Awards (seniors on track for presentation)

7:45 - Break-down and clean up (students break down their job location first)

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