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Disney's "Aladdin the Musical" 11/8

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Our field trip to see Disney’s “Aladdin the Musical” at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis is this week! We will meet in the Jr. High MLC on Thursday, November 8th at 8:00am and return around 6:30pm. Please read all details below and email any questions to Mr. Knight.


8:00 am – Meet in the Jr. High MLC (high school kids can walk down the English hall)

8:15 am – Depart NPJHS on activity buses

10:30 am – Stop for lunch at St. Clair Square Mall in Fairview Heights, IL

11:30 am – Depart Fairview Heights, IL

12:00 pm – Park/Arrive at Fox Theatre in St. Louis, MO (time for concessions/merch/restroom/seating)

1:00 pm – Musical Starts (there is a seating hold...don't be late!)

4:00 pm – Depart St. Louis, MO

6:30 pm – Return to North Posey Jr. High

What should we wear?

Please wear nice clothes that you would want to wear to Honors Night or a nice performance. Boys should wear khakis or nice jeans (no holes/weathering) and perhaps a polo, tucked-in dress shirt, or sweater. Girls could wear the same. Girls might also wear a nice dress with leggings and a sweater (just a suggestion -- lots of options.) Here's the point: don't wear sweats or clothes that you would "bum around" in. This is a nice, professional performance!

When do we get our tickets?

On Thursday morning, Mr. Knight will have envelopes of tickets for chaperones and any kids they are driving. Everyone in the bus will get a ticket when we park in St. Louis. Seating assignments have been predetermined with every effort made to keep families together. If you would like to request your tickets early, please email Mr. Knight ASAP so your tickets can be emailed to you Wednesday evening.

Do chaperones have to follow the bus?

Not necessarily -- chaperones can drive ahead of the bus. My preference is that all chaperones come to the Jr. High MLC by 8:00 am so we can meet as a group, divide students, and get tickets. If you are only taking your child and would like your tickets early, please email me by Wednesday. Chaperone vehicles can park with the buses on the street or pay for parking in one of the downtown St. Louis lots.

Where are we going for lunch?

We will stop for lunch at the St. Clair Square Mall in Fairview Heights, IL. There are lots of different options in the mall like Red Robin, Five Guys, Sbarro, Subway, etc. If you prefer to bring your own lunch, you may pack a lunchbox on the bus and take it into the mall. Chaperones are welcome to take their kids to a different location nearby, but please DO NOT go to a sit-down restaurant...we don't want to be late! If there are any meal concerns, please contact Mr. Knight. NO STUDENTS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ROAM THE MALL OR GO SHOPPING -- FOOD ONLY.

Can we bring snacks for the musical?

No outside food will be allowed into the theatre, and they DO check bags at the entrance. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase in the theatre.

Can we bring our phones?

Students are allowed to bring their phone/earbuds for the ride. You MAY take pictures on your phone BEFORE or AFTER the show, but not during. DSLR or professional cameras are not allowed in Fox Theatre. At no time may anyone take pictures of the stage or curtain (even when it is closed.) Phones must be turned COMPLETELY OFF during the entirety of both acts of the performance.

Should we bring money?

Students should bring lunch money (about $10) unless they plan to bring a lunch box. Please talk to Mr. Knight or email if this is a concern. Parent drivers should be prepared to pay for parking unless they find street parking close to the Fox. Snacks and merchandise are available at the theatre for an extra charge. Mr. Knight has many $5-off coupons (for merchandise only.)

Are we sitting as a group?

We will be seated as one large group and a few small groups on the first balcony. Mr. Knight is working on the seating chart so parents can sit by their kids. We must have adequate supervision in the theatre. All of our seats have great views!

Can we stop for dinner?

The buses will NOT stop for dinner. My preference is that all students arrive back at North Posey by 6:30pm for parent pick-up. If you are a chaperone driver and have made other arrangements with parents to arrive late, please email me ASAP and let me know. We don't want anyone to be waiting for an hour or more at the school because they werenmt aware of a schedule change.

What if I am absent or cannot go?

If you are going to be late, please call Mr. Knight directly and leave a message if I don't answer right away -- my number is (618) 218-5875. Students who do not show up by 8:15am (for any reason) are not eligible for a refund. Students will be prevented from attending if they lack student citizenship (missing 5+ days unexcused/non-doctor AND/OR have an F in two or more classes.) Mr. Knight has already contacted applicable students as of November 1, but keep track of your grades and attendance this week so we don't have any last-minute changes from the main office...Harmony and Canvas are helpful tools!! Email Mr. Knight if you have any concerns.

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