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Bylaw Review Committee

UPDATED 11/8: Thank you to the parents who requested to be considered for the new Bylaw Review Committee.

The President, in consultation with the Board, has made a decision regard the committee membership. The Bylaw Review Committee will consist of the following five members plus the President, who will not vote:

- Amy Kissel

- Darrel Stroud

- Frankie Leslie

- Lorie Hamilton

- Ryan Knight

The committee will have its first meeting before Christmas Break. Thank you for your involvement and concern for this important matter.


The NPPA has created a new committee to consider several suggestions from our membership. The committee will meet periodically this winter and prepare an organized report to the membership at the March 2018 monthly meeting. Their report will include bylaw amendment proposals to consider this spring.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, or if you have any suggestions/questions, please email Julie Newton (President) by Friday, November 10. Her email is

NPPA bylaws can be found here.

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